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scarica info tecniche

File preparation guide - large format  

scarica template

OUTDOOR POSTERS 32x68 cm. 50x70 cm. 70x100 cm. 6x3 mt.    


PHOTO POSTERS  32x68 cm.  50x70 cm.  70x100 cm.      


WOODEN BOARDS  70x100 cm.          


BANNERS height 1 mt.  striscione h. 1 mt.        


Books and Magazines

Fabric Bags and Paper Bags


scarica info tecniche

File preparation guide - roll-up  

scarica template

STANDARD ALUMINIUM ROLL-UP 80x200 cm. 100x200 cm.    


BAMBOO ROLL-UP 85x205 cm. 29,7x43 cm.    


BAMBOO MINI ROLL-UP 29,7x43 cm.      


BAMBOO LARGE POSTER 60x180 cm.      

What is a PROFESSIONAL CHECK UP on your printing file?

Our technician will always check your file to:
- verify its size
- verify the fonts
- convert pantone colours into four-colour reproduction
- verify that white colour is not overprint and punch hole
- verify that black colour is overprint and that is composed of 100% black
- verify that resolution is not lower than 72 dpi
- verify the bleed line
- verify the distance of graphics item from the trim line
- verify the orientation of front and back
- verify the spine size and number of pages
- verify the right settings of folds (if folding is requested)
- insert the certification logos in the suggested position
- verify that the contents are in line with point 11 of our Sale Terms and Conditions