Ecological typography 


Green Faq


Here are some questions we have replied to and that we would like to divulge: transparency is our goal!

Will I get a lower-quality print by using eco-friendly inks?

According to the quantity of products we have been ordered, we propose wax printing and watery pigment printing; as well as, offset printing with vegetable-based inks.

With offset printing, the quality will be excellent, always taking into consideration the instructions to print colours (Find out more).

With wax printing, colours will be shiny showing a very slight relief; we will get a bigger pattern, so the quality will outcome slightly lower than other kinds of printing. With watery pigment, the pattern will be perfect, with good quality. Some colours may outcome slightly washy because we use water colours with the lowest amount of pigment.

Anyway, our typography has been working for almost 30 years and we have been printing with this type of inks since 2009 and nobody has ever complained about the quality of our work!

Does your typography have to print on FSC® certified paper only?

Ironically, it does not. A FSC certified typography could not print even one certified work. It is very important to know that you are buying a certified product, because this means that the paper has been checked, ensuring the Chain of Custody. Unfortunately, some on line typographies show the certification logos, but they do not certify their work. This is totally useless!

Is Eco-print® system guaranteed by a third party check?

Not yet. A team of experts in Graphics Art and Certifications, operating in Padua, Genova, Novara and Mestre, is working on the final draft of the instructional guideline for eco-friendly printing.

At the moment there are not other certifications which ensure a check on the printing system.

Do outdoor posters printed with watery pigment on certified paper withstand bad weather?

Yes, they do. We use no-pulping paper and our inks withstand rain and sun. Undoubtedly, an outdoor poster will no longer be clearly readable after months put up outside.

Does printing with Ecoprintweb pollute the environment?

Unfortunately, it is impossible not to pollute while printing. In all our printed products there is the ink synthetic pigment; we cannot avoid that. We propose paper with the least environmental impact and our printing systems are environment-friendly. Printing with Ecoprintweb means truly reduce the pollution to a minimum.

Is FSC cerified paper ecological paper?

‘Ecological’ has a generical meaning. FSC® really checks that the raw material (paper=pulp=wood=tree) comes from responsible forests. Some certifications check the chemical-organoleptic aspect of the paper. Ecoprintweb chooses FSC papers produced with a totally green system.

How can we attribuite the FSC® recycled paper to a responsible forest?

Also in this case FSC checks the raw material: the check is on the paper which is used for the recycling. This paper has to come from the city paper collection and it does not inlcude industrial paper waste and newspaper for pulping.

Are prisoners involved in your projects well paid?

The prisoners who work in the Ecoprintweb project are paid according to standard of payments used for people outside prison (there may be some tax facilitations). We believe that money is not the only or most important aspect inside a prison. Spending their time constructively, being involved in a project, feeling appreciated for their work, learning to work in teams and having work skills to develop after being disimprisoned should count more. All the works proposed by Ecoprintweb are all directly managed by committed Associations or Cooperatives which are shown next to each product.