Certified works

All the environment-friendly initiatives undergo the controls by the Certifying Agent. The certifications contribuite to improbe our commitment and represent a guarantee to our Customers.

Here are the certifications which ensure our envirnomental commitment.



FSC ® mark identifies products made with wood from responsible forestry in line with strict environmental, social and economical standards. Exclusively the FSC certified typographies are allowed to show the certification logo. Being annualy checked by the Certifying Agent, they guarantee the Chain of Custody. Each printed work is registered to track the purchaise of the paper, thus of the pulp and of the wood used.


Eco-print© is the certification which ensures the low-environmental impact printing. It is controlled by a third Certifying Agent to guarantee a truly environmentally responsible printing by checking the energy, the inks, the printing system, the finishing procedure and the packaging.

Multiutility ®


The energy we use is 100% Multiutility, clean energy, generated by the sun, water, wind and land. This Certification is released by another certifying organization which checks if the electrical energy is actually generated by renewable sources in Italy during a year.

ISO 14001


The ISO 14001 certification of an environmental managing system is to declaire, by the Certifying Agent, that the system itself is in compliance with UNI EN ISI 14001:2004. Furthermore, it guarantees a continual application of the environmental management by the companies.