Online ecological printing

Online ecological printing - Ecological typography

Ecoprintweb is the first ecological typografy providing you with online offset and digital printing.
Printing always creates an impact on the environment. By paying attention to the whole production stages, we have obtained excellent results concerning the polluting factors. Careful! To respect the environment is not enough to use recycled paper, it is essential that the printing system and the raw material are FSC or Eco-print certified. When you buy a certified product, you know that the company which produces or sells it undergoes specific controls ensuring your real environmental respect.

The experience of a family business.

We have been working in the lythografic and typografic sector for almost 30 years and since 2009 we have been doing it by respecting the environment too. Limited edition printing has been increasing and it can be esily satisfied thank to the wax digital printing, which has a slightly lower quality than the offset printing, which we generally reccomend for higher quantity. Quality, precision and care for printing file have always been our distinguishing features. Being a medium-small company enables us to personally manage our work. We are specialized in books, calendars, booklets, magazines, comics, catalogues; but we are also able to print: brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, note pads, table mats, cards, bookmarks, business cards and wedding invitation cards. Our envelopes are all environment-friendly and filled with post-industrial typography recycled waste. For creative graphics designer, we propose a wide selections of colourful and original envelopes.

60x30, 70x100 and 50x70 outdoor posters and large format posters are printed with Watery Pigment Plotter selecting the inks by a strict chemical analysis to reduce the amount of synthetic pigment which is still present.

To save money,you can opt for Slowprint. By waiting for your delivery some days extra, you can obtain cheaper costs and you will furtherly reduce the impact of your printing.

We offer two kinds of bag: certified paper bags or fabric bags printed with silk screen inside the prison of Genoa Marassi thanks to the cooperation with the O’Press Project and the Bottega Solidale of Genoa.

Our roll ups are in aluminium or bamboo. Ideal for bio-shops and very convenient to carry to fairs or events.